Pars Orientis

Minstrels of Modern Times - Nomen Est Omen

Minstrels of Modern Times (photo: Ivan Sidorov)

The culture of Eastern Roman Empire has its basis in Greek Antiquity and Christianity. So-called secular music  and dance have seen strong  censorship since the fourth century, because of their origins considered pagan. But as happened with many pre-Christian legends and symbols that have been refined and integrated with time in Christian culture, dance eventually made its way in pars Orientis. In his book, Life and Culture of the Byzantines, Phaidon Koukoules analyzes the most important historical sources regarding the dances of the period, which are described in detail, these descriptions referring also to instruments and musical forms. Nomen Est Omen repertoire, ensemble specialised in the secular music of the Middle Ages Renaissance Era includes among branles, pavanes, arias, minuets and a sum of parts accepted at receptions, celebrations of war, or at Hippodrome in Constantinople at the zenith of the Empire.

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