Pilgrim’s Song and Tornada (concert) 1997


Pilgrim's Song and Tornada

Nomen Est Omen – Pilgrim’s Song and Tornada

This album is based upon a sponsorship offered by a local company for a concert in Iaşi, at the Students Cultural Centre, in March 1997. For this event as sound engineer was employed Jănică Afloarei, with references as an ex-member of the famous band Progresiv TM and an owner of a technical equipement for amplification and recording (on channels), partly digitaly. The concert, intensely publicized in the media of the city, has received a large audience and atmosphere to match, otherwise anticipated (the reason actually for recording the album in the first place). A power outage a few seconds during the final applause led to the loss of all the material that had not been saved during the concert and was not protected by any Uninterruptible Power Supply System. The obligations of the parties, including producing the album and solving the possible problems by mutual consent, along with the (negociated) payment for a special offer of sound + recording, leaded to an unusual solution: the repetition of the concert. This was held a night later in a (completely) unconventional place: the food warehouse of the sponsoring company. At that time, this significant detail was to remain secret, but lost its importance over time. The remaining elements are the regrets of the band that the spirit of that concert (lost by means of force majeure & neglect) did not undergo editing desired. “The warehouse version” is more than okay, but the album, fully committed, was treated coldly by insiders. This lead to the limited distribution of the tape, the end of all relations with the sound engineer and the stop of the sponsorship. The ensemble did not like the cover that the graphic designer proposed either, but accepted it as it was, considering it ideal for the way in which the whole project developed.

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