Red Queen to Gryphon Three

“”Chess is everything: art, science and sports” – Anatol Karpov (photo: Valentin Florea)

The next picture, which was taken by our colleague Valentin Florea in the Council Tower in Sibiu, represents from a visual point of view both a composition in red and black developed along a central axis of symmetry, as well as a collective portrait. The image was selected for a future photographic exhibition made by the Nomen Est Omen Cultural Association on medieval-festival themes. The only unknown is the current title. As usual, I follow the idea of ​​a cultural or anthropological association. “Red and Black”, borrowed from Stendhal’s novel of the same name has already been used for another picture, “Lady in Red”, composed by Chris de Burgh, is too disco and mainstream to give the name of a project with medieval connotations, so that my thoughts turn to “Red Queen to Gryphon Three”, the name of a progressive rock record (of Gryphon, of course), which, in the top of personal preferences, occupies a place among the top ten concept albums of all time. Red Queen refers, in a broad sense, to the game of chess, so the queen is just the centerpiece of a game in which any pawn can become queen.


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