Shakespeare & Friends 2000


Nomen Est Omen - Shakespeare & Friends

Nomen Est Omen – Shakespeare & Friends

After the (thematic) inclusion of two thirds of the project D’Un Chateau L’Autre in the promotional album Omina Prima in 1999, the next year was dedicated by Nomen Est Omen to the integration of the (remaining) eight songs in a album that would highlight them properly. These are the dances and the ballets of Robert Johnson (c. 1583 – c. 1634), composed for the play of William Shakespeare, The Tempest. The resulting album, like the previous two, is one not for sale, for promotion only. The idea of his name, Shakespeare & Friends, was inspired by a concert held by Grave Muller Consort in Göteborg, where Mihai Plămădeală attended; that concert repertoire consisted of compositions by George Frideric Handel and some of his contemporaries. On the album Shakespeare & Friends, along with the mentioned suite of Robert Johnson were included works from the Elizabethan period in circulation during the life of “the Bard of Avon” and that he possibly, even likely, might have heard it. The additional songs are from Nomen Est Omen’s concerts.

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