Shamanic Trance

Flying on a drum at the Medieval Festival Sibiu, Transylvania.

Flying on a medieval drum

Nomen Est Omen – The sound on the fly (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

Shaman means wizard in Tungusic language. Yet, the term is known by his meaning of ideologist of ecstasy. The drum is the vehicle through which the shaman goes over the physical boundaries, in order to find and fight the demons that troubled the balance of the most beautiful world possibly – the one we live in. The truth is that if you wildly beat a percussion instrument, the spirit that invades you at one given time raises up to the euphoria of the extreme sports. Rivers of endorphins cross the body of the “scrapper”, to the despair of the detached witnesses, most of the times. Sometimes, as it was the case at the “Transylvanian Fortresses” Festival, Sibiu 2010, Nomen Est Iulian, Tania & Anca raised over the Lesser Square, riding on a darbuka, flied over the Liar’s Bridge and landed on one of the nearby terraces, for a beer. Gabriela and Mihai waited down for them in order to fasten hair, respectively to take a picture for the archive.

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