Sibiu, between Gothic and Modern

Sibiu gotic

A medieval path (photo: Antonio Mihail)

The cities that flourished in the Middle Ages due to trade, crafts and pilgrimages are privileged in principle even today from an economic point of view, due to the tourist potential. This means that money comes to money. Medieval music, in one form or another, is most often heard in such places, where history meets the present under the aegis of the idea of ​​the story that goes on. In the picture above, Nomen Est Omen was caught between a modern-day hotel where it was housed and a square attested seven centuries ago, where the band was to perform a concert. The street network being the same, it has certainly been used over the centuries by many other musicians (minstrels). Finally, the picture was taken by our friend and colleague, Antonio, leader of the horn section leader at the Sibiu Philharmonic, with whom we met by chance on the route.


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