Medieval Line

The leaders of the medieval music band and of the reenactment groups participate at the opening ceremony of the Sighisoara Medieval Festival 2014.

Cercul încrederii (foto: Anca Dobre)

The Circle of Trust (photo: Anca Dobre)

Known as Renaissance Fairs in the United States, the medieval festivals from all over Europe, no matter their exact name, try more to reenact history than their sister across the ocean. Since there are no vestiges from this age there, the northern American festivals attempt more to recreate the atmosphere of these times, rather than make a historical connection. Of course, all these festivals are marked by the entertainment, no matter the continent. The Sighisoara Medieval Festival started as a post hippie gathering, tended to transform at a moment in a folk or rock festival, to finally, in 2010, look for  its identity under the aegis of shows. The direction of the thematically shows involved festive assemblies in the Big Square of all the participants, many parades and previews for what was to be performed later. Finally, what in this picture, taken at the 2014 edition, looks like a line, is actually part of a circle (with a large radius) from such a medieval gathering.

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