Nomen Est Omen in the Sigma Square

Nomen Est Omen in the Sigma Square, at the Sighisoara Medieval Festival.

Festivalul Medieval Sighisoara - Nomen Est Omen - Piata Sigma

And the girls go willing spinning (photo: Iulian Toma)

Sighisoara main festival carried over times several names in the papers and posters, all containing the keyword “medieval”. Under this postmodernist aegis entered, alongside medieval music, folk, world, blues, rock and so on. In order to maintain the historical spirit but also to satisfy all public arrived at the festival, the organizers placed in the citadel the historically related artistically moments and the parallel ones outside the walls. But the rotation of the bands on the existing scenes, planned in relation to the fact that, generally speaking, the show must go on, often meant mixing the genres. The repertoire and the outfit were adapted, according to the moment. This picture with Laurentiu, Cristina, Mihai, Claudiu and Adrian, recently found in our archives, was captured in the Sigma Square, in the lower town, most  probably in 2003.

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