Sighisoara – Past, Present, Future

Sighisoara - past, present, future

Marcel, Mihai, Ana & Anca (photo: Cristian Sâpcu)

The past is part of the present, at least as determinant or memory, as also present can be considered a window to the future. Even if this post is a speculation inspired by the title of Al Stewart’s album, Past, Present, Future, feelings about Sighisoara Medieval Festival, the signer – a constant participant, of his fellow and of the spectators – tens of thousands over the past two decades, are extremely lively. Temporal perspective can not be excluded from the equation, especially since the world is changing rapidly now, faster than we all thought in the past. Posting itself was unthinkable to the first edition of the festival, when the Internet is at the dawn of its existence. Finally, the people in this picture are playing in Nomen Est Omen, Lupus Dacus and Terpsichore. In other words, Sighisoara Medieval Festival always connected people. We hope to do so from now on too.

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