Somewhere (Sometime) in Italy / Nomen Est Omen

La strada: Anca & Mihai (photo: Giorgio Tramonto)

In the Middle Ages, merchants, pilgrims, soldiers, ambassadors, spies and minstrels traveled quite often, often and far away, carrying with them the related news and the most diverse elements of culture, civilization, or mentality. In the absence of other platforms, the exchange of such information took place in the market or on the street. The streets of Europe’s historic sites, especially those whose network did not changed for centuries, undoubtedly have extremely interesting memories, in the sense that many notable events must have taken place on them over time. An image with Nomen Est Omen captured on an old Italian street is also part of the note of the sublime everyday (and of historical reenactment), extending in a certain form the idea of ​​the medieval to the present day.


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