Through the Fortresses of Arad County

Nomen Est Omen undertook in 2004 a tour of six concerts in as many fortresses in Arad county, a tour organized by the Arad Philharmonic. The photo that remembered us the event was found by chance in a folder with scores of a repertoire from 2000, a total surprise. The poster placed on the board […]

Bizarre Things at Bizere

Nomen Est Omen takes part in the cultural project related to the discovery of the benedictine monastery in Bizere, Frumuseni, Arad A very profound phrase says that the one on the top of the stairs is not so low as the people downstairs think. By extrapolation, while on stage, one lives a different feeling from […]

Sleep in Graphic

The communion with nature in the Citadels of Arad In 2009 Nomen Est Omen performed in the Citadels of Arad County, strictly speaking. The homonym project, extremely interesting, materialized in a roving festival. Going from one site to another was made with the bus of the Philharmonica, but sometimes, as it was the case at Şoimoş, the musicians […]