Nomen Est Omen & PRO Music Stage

On the banner behind those in the picture, in addition to the word “alchemy”, which is legible, also appears “magic” (somewhere on the right). This is, figuratively speaking, the characteristic of the sound delivered by the Bertic brothers, from PRO Music Stage. About four times a year, mainly at the MedievArt Festival in Ardud, we […]

Ardud, Europe

Ardud is a place where the past meets the present under the aegis of continuity and dynamics. With a history attested to more than eight centuries, something has always happened here, something relevant from a social, cultural, anthropological point of view. The medieval festival organized in the beautiful Fortress of Ardud, the artistic creation camps […]

Dog Day Afternoon

Through an unwritten weather tradition, the weather at MedievArt Fest Ardud keeps up with the organizers, i.e. rain, storm and strong wind bypass the region. Artistic events are held in comfort, especially since they take place in principle in the afternoon and evening, when temperature and light are ideal. During the day, however, the mercury […]

Who’s Who?

Each band has its small games, designed not so much to impress the public as to induce a positive mood among members. For Nomen Est Omen changing instruments represents both an interpretative challenge and a photographic subject. And if I brought up the idea of ​​immortalizing moments in our case related to artistic activity, we […]