Nomen Est Omen Rehearseal

To sound at least honorable in concert, it takes much more work than the an outsider can imagine. In a band, individual training is only a necessary, not sufficient for things to get it right. It takes an irrational type of communication, which can be established only when playing together. This is why every musician is both a […]

Through the Fortresses of Arad County

Nomen Est Omen undertook in 2004 a tour of six concerts in as many fortresses in Arad county, a tour organized by the Arad Philharmonic. The photo that remembered us the event was found by chance in a folder with scores of a repertoire from 2000, a total surprise. The poster placed on the board […]

Sighisoara – Past, Present, Future

The past is part of the present, at least as determinant or memory, as also present can be considered a window to the future. Even if this post is a speculation inspired by the title of Al Stewart’s album, Past, Present, Future, feelings about Sighisoara Medieval Festival, the signer – a constant participant, of his […]