Happy Medieval New Year!

The world turned upside down. The Feast of Fools, a medieval adaptation of some ancient pagan festivities (most probably related to Saturnalia), was organized around the 1st of January, being assimilated with the New Year coming. In a grotesque set up, a mock bishop or pope was elected, ecclesiastical ritual was parodied, a lord of […]

The Mercenary Trap

An ecounter between Emil Hartmann and Mihai Plămădeală at the Medieval Festival Sibiu 2011. Sibiu, August 2011, Captain’s log: The meeting with Emil Hartmann in front of the Ibis Hotel, the ex Conti(nental), represented, whitouth any doubt, the event that reminded us of the movie made by Sergiu Nicolaescu four decades ago, The Mercenary Trap. One […]

Sleep in Graphic

The communion with nature in the Citadels of Arad In 2009 Nomen Est Omen performed in the Citadels of Arad County, strictly speaking. The homonym project, extremely interesting, materialized in a roving festival. Going from one site to another was made with the bus of the Philharmonica, but sometimes, as it was the case at Şoimoş, the musicians […]