At the Castle, Tomorrow Will Be a Feast

Before they became museum objectives, the walls of the castles must have housed a lot of parties, in which wine, hunting, dancing and music certainly played major roles. Without pretending that we have been there since then, we feel good to continue, under the aegis of Nomen Est Omen, the good tradition of medieval holidays […]

Sibiu, between Gothic and Modern

The cities that flourished in the Middle Ages due to trade, crafts and pilgrimages are privileged in principle even today from an economic point of view, due to the tourist potential. This means that money comes to money. Medieval music, in one form or another, is most often heard in such places, where history meets […]

Nomen Est Omen at the Royal Court

For a medieval music group, the fact of singing in a building or historical ensemble, cathedral, fortress, castle, or royal court (such as the one in Târgovişte), is more than a privilege; it is about direct connection to the cultural truths it has chosen. In such places, the feeling that the past meets the present […]

Nomen Est Omen & The Sibiu City Hall

Nomen Est Omen held over fifty concerts in the Great Square of Sibiu over the course of twenty years. Over time, the scenes have had various dimensions or coverage systems and have been placed on all sides of the market. Also, the concerts were scheduled at different times, as were the weather conditions. There is […]

Nomen Est Omen at Târgu Neamţ

Like the old times minstrels, Nomen Est Omen played and plays constantly at fairs. Medieval music is a sine qua non element of such spaces. This time, after Târgu Mureş (Târgul meaning the Fair in english) , the four protagonists stopped in Târgu Neamţ, on their way to Târgu Frumos. Beyond the linguistic joke, Romania […]

Medieval & Photographic Art

With the passage of time, ordinary life from past ages has become the subject of scientific research or a source of artistic inspiration. The younger sister of the arts, photography, took over the “medieval and renaissance” subjects, not so much through the reproduction of works of art from those times, but through re-enactments and modern […]

Happy Medieval New Year!

The world turned upside down. The Feast of Fools, a medieval adaptation of some ancient pagan festivities (most probably related to Saturnalia), was organized around the 1st of January, being assimilated with the New Year coming. In a grotesque set up, a mock bishop or pope was elected, ecclesiastical ritual was parodied, a lord of […]