Turn of the Wind Instruments

The traditional wind instruments gave way, over time, to improved variants oin terms of maneuverability and precision. The price of these benefits, however, was the relative loss of nuances and charm. Spanish bagpipes, gaita and punter or the Scottish Chanter, perfected by master luthiers of the XXIst century, sounds incredibly in tune. The same can […]

Fortified Churches in Transylvania

Force demonstration with musical instruments, costumes and music stands. The outer wall of the Romanesque basilica Michelsberg in Cisnădioara has a western tower and a gatehouse, a curtain wall and battlements. On the hill where the structure was built, people permanently brought rocks, used in need for defensive purposes. There is even a local legend […]

History of the Thirteen

Nomen Est Omen, Huniadi Cantores and Graphic reunion in Alba Iulia. There were in 2009, in Alba Iulia, during the City Fair, thirteen musicians, men and women alike, having the same feelings for the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, all endowed with the power to promote chamber music in public spaces (often unconventional), honest enough […]