Dog Day Afternoon

Through an unwritten weather tradition, the weather at MedievArt Fest Ardud keeps up with the organizers, i.e. rain, storm and strong wind bypass the region. Artistic events are held in comfort, especially since they take place in principle in the afternoon and evening, when temperature and light are ideal. During the day, however, the mercury […]

Two Complementary Girls

Coincidentally, Anca and Dana wear in the above image clothes combining red with green, in other words, two complementary colors. Brick walls of the fortress and vegetation in proximity make the perfect chromatic harmony for a spontaneous picture, taken on a beautiful day in the fall of 2018. What may seem commonplace today, has a chance to become once […]

MedievArt Fest

MedievArt brand is synonymous with the reenactment movement in Romania, but also with good humor, positive thinking and the joy to share with other people common values. Diverse through their artistic activities, the participants in such events complement and stimulate each other, all in the idea of ​​providing the public (His Highness, the public), all […]