Women in the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, depending on time and region, women held several functions, they could be mother, wife, worker in agriculture or crafts, nun, noble lady, even “fulltime” queen, there where no Salic Law, which offered this right exclusively to men, operated. About the oldest profession in the world there is no sense in developing this […]


Minstrels in the Middle Ages, minstrels today. Fortified cities, castles and cathedrals of yesteryear have been replaced today by residential neighborhoods, high-rises and shopping malls whose vaulting would have certainly impressed the architects of past ages. Even if the music today corresponds to technical possibilities of modern production, storage and distribution, minstrels existed in the […]

Pars Orientis

The culture of Eastern Roman Empire has its basis in Greek Antiquity and Christianity. So-called secular music  and dance have seen strong  censorship since the fourth century, because of their origins considered pagan. But as happened with many pre-Christian legends and symbols that have been refined and integrated with time in Christian culture, dance eventually […]

The Power and the Glory

The Middle Ages tournaments reenacted in Baia Mare. The tournament was a competition in which the knights of the western Middle Ages competed in fights. These competitions were organized in peace time, at the castles, as a training, in the presence of nobles and sometimes even kings. The winner was obliged to give its opponent the […]