Red Queen to Gryphon Three

The next picture, which was taken by our colleague Valentin Florea in the Council Tower in Sibiu, represents from a visual point of view both a composition in red and black developed along a central axis of symmetry, as well as a collective portrait. The image was selected for a future photographic exhibition made by […]

Nomen Est Omen on the Red Carpet

One of the important choices that the musician has to make in the years of his formation is that between celebrity and value (acquired through study and recognized at most at the level of cultural niche), in other words, between the philharmonic and the “red carpet”, to make an analogy with the Oscars. Although the […]

Holloenek & Nomen Est Omen in Târgu Mureş

We remember with great pleasure MedievArt 2018 / Târgu Mureş, a festival “doomed” to come out very well in any conditions. At the respective edition, held in parallel with a hard rock concert addressed mainly to engine lovers, for the same reason stated, the Holloenek and Nomen Est Omen concerts took place in parallel on […]

Nomen Est Omen & The Sibiu City Hall

Nomen Est Omen held over fifty concerts in the Great Square of Sibiu over the course of twenty years. Over time, the scenes have had various dimensions or coverage systems and have been placed on all sides of the market. Also, the concerts were scheduled at different times, as were the weather conditions. There is […]

Nomen Est Omen at British Council

Nomen Est Omen played over the years several times at the British Council (Bucharest). The image above is from the concert held on the occasion of the Night of Cultural Institutes, after a rain of epic proportions that could have moved the performance from the courtyard of the Institute, where the stage was located, in […]

Gaudete, Christus Est Natus

One of Nomen Est Omen’s piece de resistance is Gaudete, a Christmas carol attested (by a first known publication) in Piae Cantiones, a collection of Finnish-Swedish songs, published in 1581. The signatory first listened to the song performed by Steeleye Span, which took it to the area of ​​traditionally inspired folk rock, but without deriving […]