Costumbrismo Imaginismo

Costumbrismo and Imaginismo are two distinct currents of Chilean literature. Their joining in the same phrase does not belong to them, however, but rather to the poetry of Braulio Arenas or, if the reader wishes, of Jorge Cáceres. What is certain is that the two words have “false friends” in Romanian, respectively “costume and image”. […]

The Police Are On Our Side

For medieval festivals the police support is needed, not that there is imminent danger regarding violations of the law, but because where many people gather security and protection services, medical or fire must be ready to react immediatly. Their involvement in public projects is otherwise mandatory. This may also have cultural connotations, because those concerned […]

The Passion Flame

Opening medieval festivals with torches of  is very spectacular. Those who wear them must be aware of the wind, at their hair and those around them, but also at the flames, because nothing is sadder than a torch extinguished, still in procession. Lighters that appear just in time and fuel to the bearer solve any possible […]

Medieval Line

The leaders of the medieval music band and of the reenactment groups participate at the opening ceremony of the Sighisoara Medieval Festival 2014. Known as Renaissance Fairs in the United States, the medieval festivals from all over Europe, no matter their exact name, try more to reenact history than their sister across the ocean. Since […]