Transylvanian Citadels, XVIIth Edition

Nomen Est Omen participated in 14 of the 17 editions of the Transylvanian Citadels Festival held until 2017. The Medieval and Renaissance music concerts held in the Grand Square of Sibiu,  are in line with the thinking of Umberto Eco who saw Middle Ages in all things, appearing in all his activities “which were not, […]

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Medieval festivals bring together beautiful people, not meaning that the mentioned type of artistic expression would have a monopoly in the field. Nobody has ever done statistics, anthropological studies or contests worthy of being taken into account, so that the signer assumes the assertion that every girl dressed in a historical costume is the most […]

Neverending Story

In his book, The Neverending Story, Michael Ende assigns imagination with the power to save the world. To play or enjoy the medieval and Renaissance music in this century one certainly needs much imagination. Nomen Est Omen band, without claiming on the above mentioned statement, has its own story, which, at the time of writing […]

Medieval Tournament in Sibiu

Used throughout history, armor was determined by materials and technology of each period. Over thousands of years, from skin, bone and wood, it was bronze and steel. The full armor with plates, best known today, appeared in medieval Europe with the invention of hydraulic hammers. We should mention that armor goes in hand with the […]

The Mercenary Trap

An ecounter between Emil Hartmann and Mihai Plămădeală at the Medieval Festival Sibiu 2011. Sibiu, August 2011, Captain’s log: The meeting with Emil Hartmann in front of the Ibis Hotel, the ex Conti(nental), represented, whitouth any doubt, the event that reminded us of the movie made by Sergiu Nicolaescu four decades ago, The Mercenary Trap. One […]