Sighisoara Medieval Festival – The Best Edition

“Excuse me, here is the Nostalgic’s Club ? Yes, but is not what it was anymore! “Leaving jokes and especially nostalgia aside, we believe that the most successful medieval festival in Sighisoara was the one organized in 2015. That the XXIII edition, called Minstrels and Troubadours, concentrated all it was better and more valuable in previous editions, at […]

Sighisoara – Past, Present, Future

The past is part of the present, at least as determinant or memory, as also present can be considered a window to the future. Even if this post is a speculation inspired by the title of Al Stewart’s album, Past, Present, Future, feelings about Sighisoara Medieval Festival, the signer – a constant participant, of his […]

The Troubadours of the XXIst Century

The Troubadours at Sighisoara Medieval Festival 2014. The Troubadours cover in their shows an interesting and wide area, from music, through commedia dell’arte, to theatre, in any order the reader prefers. When not on the stage with Nomen Est Omen, I applauded Mihai Serghei Todor (the leader of the band), initially in a series of […]

Nomen Est Omen in the Sigma Square

Nomen Est Omen in the Sigma Square, at the Sighisoara Medieval Festival. Sighisoara main festival carried over times several names in the papers and posters, all containing the keyword “medieval”. Under this postmodernist aegis entered, alongside medieval music, folk, world, blues, rock and so on. In order to maintain the historical spirit but also to satisfy […]