Holloenek & Nomen Est Omen in Târgu Mureş

We remember with great pleasure MedievArt 2018 / Târgu Mureş, a festival “doomed” to come out very well in any conditions. At the respective edition, held in parallel with a hard rock concert addressed mainly to engine lovers, for the same reason stated, the Holloenek and Nomen Est Omen concerts took place in parallel on […]

With Mask / Without Mask

The two characters in the image corresponding to these lines were immortalized from the bottom up, at a time when they were on broomsticks, in the Târgu-Mureş Fortress. Projected on the blue autumn sky, with mask or without mask, the two protagonists sent us thinking about the eponymous TVR show from the ’80s, in which […]

MedievArt Fest Târgu Mureş

One of the most successful annual events of medieval art & historical reenactment in Romania is MedievArt Fest. In addition to quality, continuity is an identity axis of the event, which has become a real brand for years. The image corresponding to these lines captures the band Nomen Est Omen in the beautiful fortress of […]

Nomen Est Omen / Scena Theater

The concerts held by Nomen Est Omen in the autumn of 2018 at the Scena Theater represented some moments as beautiful as they were atypical. The first of the three performances was scheduled in parallel with a rock concert, held on the big stage, in the diametrically opposite corner of the Târgu Mureş Fortress. Although […]