The Guitar at Nomen Est Omen

Alexandru Tomaselli and his exceptional guitar (photo: Alina Andreicuţ)

Although on the first Nomen Est Omen album, released in 1996 and based on a quartet of recorders (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor), the guitar appears on only five tracks out of thirty (with Eugen Oigăn Nuţescu playing as a guest, who also owned the multitrack that he borrowed for the recorded material), in almost everything that followed, albums and concerts, the contribution of harmonic string instruments was an important one for the band. Guitar arrangements, but especially the people behind the instrument, have been and are, without exception at the height. I chose to accompany these lines with an image with Alex Tomaselli because, or in memory of the fact that, we chose together the instrument in the image (for purchase), after trying, during a single day, at least another twenty.


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