The Police Are On Our Side

Parade in Sighisoara, policemen

Double agents 007 and 008 (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

For medieval festivals the police support is needed, not that there is imminent danger regarding violations of the law, but because where many people gather security and protection services, medical or fire must be ready to react immediatly. Their involvement in public projects is otherwise mandatory. This may also have cultural connotations, because those concerned are spectators, by the nature of their work. What happens next, how the events are received, depends on each person. The girl in the picture (Anca) was caught during a parade held in the city of Sighisoara (both zero point and G point of the reenactment movement in Romania), a place that is connected with Nomen Est Omen band by many invisible threads. Invisible, or rather, discreet is the presence of police.

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