Transylvanian Citadels, XVIIth Edition

Nomen Est Omen Transylvanian Fortresses 2017

In the Court of the Lutheran Cathedral (photo: Gigi Murgu)

Nomen Est Omen participated in 14 of the 17 editions of the Transylvanian Citadels Festival held until 2017. The Medieval and Renaissance music concerts held in the Grand Square of Sibiu,  are in line with the thinking of Umberto Eco who saw Middle Ages in all things, appearing in all his activities “which were not, yet seemed medieval.” It can be said that the festival in Sibiu has its well-defined identity, where continuity, consistency and an upward path are prevailing. If other festivals in Romania have known magnificent editions, but also some less happy, or breaks in progress (years without events), Sibiu is for Romania a salutary factor of stability.

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