The Troubadours of the XXIst Century

The Troubadours at Sighisoara Medieval Festival 2014.

The Troubadours at Sighisoara

Mamma la Rondinella (photo: Mihai Plămădeală)

The Troubadours cover in their shows an interesting and wide area, from music, through commedia dell’arte, to theatre, in any order the reader prefers. When not on the stage with Nomen Est Omen, I applauded Mihai Serghei Todor (the leader of the band), initially in a series of one man show, then in the concerts with the Troubadours, over twenty editions of the Medieval Festival in Sighisoara. No matter if they play medieval, Renaissance or traditional songs, they bring back in this beginning of the third millennium, the perfume of some longtime gone ages.

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