Turn of the Wind Instruments

Cristi, Anca, Mihai & Marcel

Cristi, Anca, Mihai & Marcel (photo: Danny the Guardian)

The traditional wind instruments gave way, over time, to improved variants oin terms of maneuverability and precision. The price of these benefits, however, was the relative loss of nuances and charm. Spanish bagpipes, gaita and punter or the Scottish Chanter, perfected by master luthiers of the XXIst century, sounds incredibly in tune. The same can be said about schalmei, whether Ciaramella, bomb or mizmar. About blockflote just remember that in Renaissance it was called “an instrument of torture” due to instability of the produces sounds. Today, old instruments come back to musicians playing medieval music. In

the corresponding picture of this paragraph, the undersigned keeps in his left hand a blockflote bass, at sight and with the right, a schalmei, hidden behind. In the next picture, the two have been changed, to the satisfaction of Mr. Danny, guardian at the Cultural House Sector 2, Bucharest, where Nomen Est Omen prepared two concerts in March 2017.

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