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Nomen Est Omen in Ardud

Anca, Mihai, Cristian & Cristian (photo: Oana Lazăr)

Each band has its small games, designed not so much to impress the public as to induce a positive mood among members. For Nomen Est Omen changing instruments represents both an interpretative challenge and a photographic subject. And if I brought up the idea of ​​immortalizing moments in our case related to artistic activity, we should not ignore the fact that behind the camera there is almost always someone (except when using the timer or the remote). Oana, the author of the photo that accompanies these lines, is a painter, which led naturally to the framing and the upright perspective through which the characters were detached from the crowd in the center of which the shooting session was made and projected on the clear sky above the city of Ardud. Obviously, the tools were switched by the musicians.

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