Women in the Middle Ages

Women in Middle Ages
Girls at a festival in Romania (foto: Mihai Plămădeală)

In the Middle Ages, depending on time and region, women held several functions, they could be mother, wife, worker in agriculture or crafts, nun, noble lady, even “fulltime” queen, there where no Salic Law, which offered this right exclusively to men, operated. About the oldest profession in the world there is no sense in developing this topic in this context. In the world of today’s medieval festivals women can be and do anything they want, except that, most often, the artistic performance of ladies are better than those of men, whether is with the bow and sword or with musical instruments. At least in terms of dance, there is no ambiguity. In Nomen Est Omen, over time, there were at least one girl, if not two or three at the same time on the same stage, but what  matters is not the number.


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